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We understand that you lead a busy life. The day-to-day matters like going to work, caring for your loved ones, maintaining the household, running errands, and even simply taking the occasional walk can leave little time for anything else. You may know you need insurance — but perhaps you have not had the time to properly evaluate all of your options.

We can help make your decision easier. Click on the statement below that best describes you and the reason for your interest in insurance. You'll learn what to consider when looking at insurance plans and the various options that are available to you.

I want to cover the gaps in my government health insurance plan

Overall healthcare funding is continually reassessed. As governments reduce coverage for some healthcare services and cease to provide others, more and more responsibility is placed on you, as an individual, to pay for routine and unexpected health-related services.

Find out how you can ensure you have comprehensive coverage, and learn how to choose the plan that suits your unique situation.

I want to be covered when my group health coverage ends

In the midst of change, like retirement or a career switch, it's important that you continue to protect your finances against health-related expenses not covered by your provincial health insurance plan.

Learn how to make sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of health and dental coverage, even after your group coverage ends.

I just retired, or will be retiring soon

Many things may change when you retire — your lifestyle (freedom at last), your income, and perhaps, your insurance needs. These are the important factors you'll want to take into consideration.

I'm going on a trip

When travelling, simple, unforeseen situations like lost luggage or a missed connection, or minor accidents like a sprained ankle, can result in a lot of frustration and unexpected expense. Find out how travel insurance can protect you financially from many unforeseen costs while traveling — health-related and otherwise. And get tips on what to look for when choosing travel insurance.

I want to know my family and I are taken care of, should I become ill

Although the odds of surviving a critical illness are better than ever, living with a critical illness can be a huge challenge — not only physically and emotionally — but also financially. During your recovery, you may have to pay for healthcare services, special drugs and supplements, and homecare expenses not covered by your government health insurance or your group plan.

Critical illness insurance offers peace-of-mind and financial protection in the form of a one-time lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with one of the serious, covered illnesses.

I want to protect the financial future of my loved ones

Most people have significant financial responsibilities, like a mortgage, car loans, investment loans or funding post-secondary education. And most want to ensure that these responsibilities don't become a burden to their loved ones when they are gone.

Others may simply want to leave a financial cushion for their partner or spouse, or to contribute to a child's or grandchild's education.

Life insurance can help with these goals. Learn about the different types of life insurance, and learn what to consider when choosing the plan and level of coverage that suits your lifestyle and your finances.