Manulife CoverMe

Choose a CoverMe™ Life Insurance Plan

CoverMe™ Life insurance offers you four different life insurance plans to choose from - Guaranteed Issue Life insurance, Easy Issue Life insurance, Term Life insurance and FollowMe Life insurance - so you can decide which one best suits your needs, your family and your budget.

If you are age 40 to 75, the CoverMe Guaranteed Issue Life insurance plan gives you a simple, worry-free way to leave those who matter most an extra measure of security. Your acceptance is guaranteed - no medical exam or health questions are required when you apply. Your premiums will never increase and your coverage will never decrease - guaranteed.


The CoverMe Easy Issue Life insurance plan is a simple, straightforward term life insurance plan that's easy to understand, easy to apply for, and easy to get. If you are age 18 to 70, all you have to do is answer two simple health-related questions. Your premiums will not increase for 10 years, your coverage will never decrease and your coverage is renewable up to age 85 - guaranteed.


The CoverMe Term Life insurance plan gives you an easy, affordable way to protect the financial future of your loved ones. You pay only for the coverage you want and need and your rates are guaranteed not to increase for the first 10 years, making this protection easier to plan for.


If your group life insurance coverage is ending, the FollowMe Life insurance plan offers you a convenient, easy way to maintain the life coverage you and your family can't afford to be without. If you apply within 60 days of your group life coverage end date no medical questionnaire is required and your acceptance is guaranteed.